Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Charles Perry


Charles Perry was the President and Chief Legislative Liaison of the Nevada Health Care Association and held this position with NVHCA from 2000 through 2012. Perry has been closely affiliated with the long term care…

Chris Fava

Executive Director of Food & Beverage of the Biltmore Waldorf Astoria in Phoenix

Fava has nearly 20 years of high-level management experience that include detailed financial, marketing, sales and service experience within the hospitality field. Prior to his position with the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, he held…

Doug Geinzer

CEO, Las Vegas HEALS

As CEO of the Las Vegas HEALS, formerly known as the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition, Doug oversees their mission “To foster strategic alliances in the health care community, collaborating on workforce issues and being…

Mary Liveratti

President, AARP Nevada

Mary Liveratti is a currently the Volunteer President of AARP Nevada and is a former deputy director of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services as well as a 24-year veteran of the Nevada…

Roger Faselt

Founder/President Quality Medical Imaging

Founder and President of Quality Medical Imaging (QMI), his companies – all licensed and certified mobile medical imaging companies – are a select few businesses offering portable X-rays, diagnostic ultrasounds, EKGs, as well as, bedside…